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I haven't finished a single book since my last post. It's a combination of going away for the weekend and not really liking Home Buying for Dummies. I guess I'll just skim this one and return it to the library. I also have The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying and Selling a Home. I'm getting kind of bored reading home buying books- especially when I can't even buy a house for another two years, most likely. But also Home Buying for Dummies is pissing me off. There are a lot of errors in it, plus the authors tell the reader that they spend too much if they can afford to buy the book, but then in every chapter, they recommend buying another one of their For Dummies books.

Books I bought in the past week or two:
Howl's Moving Castle and Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones
Living Language Italian: Complete Course
Schism by Catherine Asaro

Also, I got a book trade request from and when I went to delete that book from PaperBack Swap, I noticed they had changed how the wishlist functions, so I'm much happier with that site now. I just wish I'd get some requests so I can get some books on my reminder list. I've missed out on a lot of books I've wanted for years.


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