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27/50: Simply Irresistible by Rachel Gibson: I didn't like this as much as the other hockey romance I've read by Gibson, probably partly because this book doesn't deal with hockey nearly as much. I know a lot of people don't like secret baby stories, but I honestly haven't read very many so it didn't bother me too much. I also don't mind children in romances as long as they aren't bratty. Lexie was very cute and some of my favorite scenes involved her- especially the puppy scene and the Barbies scene.

I thought things were resolved a bit too easily in this book and I'm not quite sure when and how John fell in love with Georgeanne. I do like that Gibson solves the problems without the characters having a big misunderstanding for most of the book.

I liked the characters and I love Gibson's heroes, even though I'd probably hate them if I ever met one in real life. I liked Georgeanne and her struggle with deslexia was a neat touch.

I enjoy Gibson's sense of humor and I find myself laughing out loud often while reading her books- and since I'm reading these books at bike races, I sometimes get strange looks.
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23/50: See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson. Wow, this is the first time in years that I have read a book this long in one day. It was a fun book, even though there were some errors about hockey in it. But I loved the characters and it featured one of my favorite romance plots: the ugly duckling getting the drop dead gorgeous guy. I don't read contemporary romance much, but I think that might change now because I plan to read more by Gibson- and she has another hockey romance. I loved that the misunderstanding between the two characters didn't take over the whole book and they got past it quickly with one nice conversation. The whole plot of the book didn't revolve around it and make me want to tear my hair out. And the fact that they pretty much hated each other from first site didn't take over the whole book either so they didn't fight all the way to the last page, then kiss and make up in two seconds flat, and go on to live happily ever after. Oh, and the book was very sexy and Luc was quite drool-worthy. And Twin Peaks was mentioned, so the book scored bonus points for that. ;-)

I got four books in the mail Tuesday:
Flight of the Raven by Jennifer Roberson- thus completing the Cheysuli series, so now I just need to read them- all eight books (plus there are three more forthcoming)
Return to Calloway Corners series:
Jericho by Sandra Canfield
Daniel by Tracy Hughes
Gabe by Penny Richards

I read the original Calloway Corners Harlequin Superromance mini series years ago when they were given to my mom. I loved them and I always hoped for more books in the series, but I never heard anything about this sequel series until last year. I've been reading a lot of wishlisted books on PBSwap lately and I've been trading them once I'm done reading them (none I have read so far were keepers), so I had a lot of spare credits. One person had all three of these books, so I jumped at the chance to get them.


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