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Conquest: Unicorn and Dragon II by Lynn Abbey: Reading this was very frustrating because the series was cancelled after only two books, which means this one ended with a cliffhanger that will probably never be resolved (unless Abbey can get the rights to put something on the Closed Circle web page, which was the coolest book news I had all year last year). I liked Wildecent so much and warmed up to Ambrose and I wanted them to have a romance, damn it! I also, not surprisingly, had major issues with the rape in this book. I think if there had been another book and the healing process had been examined, I might have been a lot better with it.

Dolphin Island by Arthur C. Clarke: The dolphins were adorable and despite this book being a bit dated, it was a fun read. I'm kind of tired of boys' adventure stories though so I'm going to focus more on teenaged heroines for 2010. I have a lot of issues with most Golden Age era SF books, especially those written by men, but there's just something about Clarke's books, even though his women characters aren't the greatest. Maybe it's because 2010 was the first adult SF book I ever read and it got me hooked.

And a bunch of manga:
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 21: Awesome, as always. I'm looking forward to the resolution of this series but I'll be really sad when it ends.

Cross Vols. 3-5: Well, this was also a let-down because the series just sort of ends. It was kind of worrying that the mangaka said she was having family and health issues and then the manga ended, so I don't know if something happened to the author or what. I liked this series well enough although it was a bit outside my comfort zone.

Peach Fuzz Vol. 1: Definitely too young for me and I found both the heroine and Peach to be really annoying. I did enjoy Peach's fantasy world in which she was a gladiator fighting the "handra" though.
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